Wednesday, May 03, 2006

PI-Info: Nice to see google blogger connection. You can probably tell that I don't blog

PI-Info: The Golden balance

I do things for myself.
You do things for yourself.
We do things for us.
I do things for you.
You do things for me.

The karma weight that results from each of these actions is supplied by the process attitude. If action is performed with anxiety the weight is much. When action is done with joyful hope no weight is added.

The best relationships are lightly balanced.

I am convinced that most things have been thought of before. At first, a feeling of being late to an idea is instilled, or maybe the though that since it has been though through before why can't I just absorbed the thing and use it to complete what I am working on.

Why should the negative side of not getting there first or being influenced by someone else's thought process come into play.

The positive of pulling external ideas into what I need to do is all that matters. The fact that there is much more that I do not know about want need to accomplish must not stop me.

PI-Info PI can be many things.
Personal Information
Processing Instruction
Performance Indicator
Pure Imagination
Perfect Intuition.

I am testing the tying of to This requires the addition of a script to the home page template.

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